Delivering a Broad Range of After-Sales Solutions

The nature of reverse logistics process management includes higher uncertainty and threats than forward logistics. Manufacturers find it difficult to predict return rates and complexity increases as SKU's proliferate. This rapid growth in the volume of returns in the eCommerce era places increased pressure on supply chains to manage and implement product returns successfully. As business practices and globalization continue to evolve, companies are striving to drive business value and unlock profits. This value can be achieved by deploying a robust reverse logistics strategy.

RRD is a recognized provider of global reverse supply chain solutions, with vast experience in developing and delivering value-add services to clients in the consumer electronics, technology, telecom and medical sectors.


Reverse supply chains are often characterized by unrefurbished assets that accumulate in warehouses resulting in losses that are routinely accepted or absorbed. Ineffective reverse supply chain management can cost companies millions in lost profits due to damaged customer relationships and external liabilities. Best practice is to have reverse logistics functions operating as part of the daily product management across an organization.

Comprehensive Solutions

RRD's scale, scope and reverse logistics management capabilities offer a wealth of revenue opportunities in addition to processes that can help companies become more efficient. RRD's tailor-made solutions simplify the day-to-day management of the product lifecycle with reverse logistics services including:

  • Returns management authorization
  • Product screening and testing
  • Re-flashing and re-configuration
  • Field replacement units (FRU)
  • Spares management - procurement, inventory control and fulfillment
  • End-of-life product recycling
  • Product recall management
  • Regulatory compliant disposal
  • Creative and structural packaging design for repackaging
  • Warranty adjudication.

Enhanced Visibility

RRD provides complete visibility and control through a web-based tool that offers real-time information on returns inventory. This tool offers the ability to segregate inventory for different business units with serialization and tracking information for warranty claims. RRD's global platform provides an after-sales solution that can help build competitive advantage via state-of-the-art IT capabilities that manage the reverse flow of products and information.

Customer Benefits

Having a strong reverse logistics process managed by RRD can bring many benefits. For products at the end of their lifecycles, reverse logistics extends their use through repairing, reshaping or recycling. Reverse logistics brings an environmental advantage for companies too.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced common lower level components costs
  • Improved customer service and higher retention levels
  • Consolidated forward and reverse activities simplifies the supply chain network
  • Improved retailer/carrier relations through the fast and accurate application of vendor credits
  • Improved cash flow and reduced inventory through fast, automated processing of returns.