Packaging Solutions for North American Retail Channels

RRD is a recognized global supply chain provider with vast experience in developing and delivering value-add solutions to the retail sector. RRD's comprehensive packaging solutions are designed to help unlock value at every stage of the supply chain. We have earned a reputation as a trusted and successful packaging provider to some of the best-known brands sold through North American retailers and clubstores. Innovative customized packaging solutions can assist in improving market share, profits and speed-to-market.

Comprehensive Capabilities - Structural and Graphic Development Support

A highly experienced team of structural designers and graphic production experts provide a broad array of services to ensure that retail and clubstore packaging balances retailer requirements with maximum brand impact.

  • Retailer-specific packaging requirements consultation
  • Sustainability scorecard optimization
  • Packaging optimization for pack-out efficiency and cost reduction
  • Conceptual design for manufacturability for primary packaging, displays and palletication
  • 3D renderings and prototyping
  • Creative design and photography
  • Integrated prepress and color management services
  • Sales support.

Form Factors

  • Sustainable tamper resistant solutions
  • Blister pack and clamshell
  • Paperboard packaging
  • Hybrid
  • Heat, RF and fin seal
  • Pallet
  • Point of purchase (POP) displays
  • Various other substrates.

Complete Solutions

From design and delivery, RRD is a one-stop source for the latest in creative packaging solutions. Leveraging from a global platform, RRD can deliver comprehensive cost-effective supply chain services that include:

  • Local, strategic support in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Procurement and inventory management
  • Product kitting
  • Postponement and pay-by-consumption models
  • Device configuration and testing
  • Software/Firmware flashing
  • Serialization
  • Network activation
  • Return and refurbishment solutions.

Fulfillment and Distribution

RRD's extensive supply and distribution network allows for cost effective and rapid delivery to distributions centers (DCs), retail stores, clubstores and end users. Key fulfillment and distribution features include:

  • Management of inbound and outbound logistics
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Web-based ordering systems
  • Web-based portal giving customer access to inventory and work-in-progress (WIP) data.