Supply Chain Connectivity Accelerates Speed-to-Market

RRD is a recognized provider of global supply chain services with vast experience in developing and delivering value added solutions to clients in the mobile device accessories sector. The mobile device market has seen explosive growth in the varieties and volume of products offered and consumed during recent years. Product innovations continue to accelerate demand with new devices coming to the market continuously.


Companies are increasingly under pressure to remain agile and to continuously evolve as demand patterns change. In order to strengthen their competitive positions, mobile accessories brands are looking to their supply chain networks and focusing on solutions that can improve:

  • Speed of new product launches
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Product quality control and presentation
  • Management of complexity associated with distributing through multiple vendors, retailers and mobile carriers, often on multiple continents
  • Response to fluctuating demands
  • Supply chain collaboration from design concept to final delivery.

Comprehensive Solutions

Leveraging RRD's global, vertically integrated platform, we can provide an off-shore, near-region or in-region packaging and postponement solution for mobile accessories companies that effectively addresses these challenges. RRD's product packaging and logistics strategies can help to lower costs, accelerate speed-to-market, simplify management of product manufacturing and packaging and improve responsiveness through a proven global platform.

Key aspects of the tailored solution include:

  • Creative packaging design integrated with our global print and packaging production platform
  • Materials management, sourcing and procurement; including ownership of products and packaging materials until shipment of finished goods
  • Managing Original Design Manufacturers (ODM's) and suppliers across multiple geographies to ensure both quality and consistency
  • Globally integrated supply chain systems for execution and collaboration
  • Product assembly, testing configuration, labeling and serialization
  • Order management and multi-channel fulfillment
  • Forward and reverse logistics management.

Customer Benefits

A vertically integrated end-to-end supply chain network enables you to maximize delivery performance and optimize the total delivered cost per unit.

RRD's global platform and tailored solutions can help:

  • Support market penetration and revenue generation with attractive product packaging, ensuring brand integrity
  • B2C fulfillment capabilities supporting same-day fulfillment
  • Faster time-to-market for New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Volume flexibility and responsiveness
  • Manage complexity
  • Enhance data for planning and forecasting
  • Improve cash flow.