Next Generation Route-to-Market

RRD provides a full range of integrated packaging design, print, procurement, assembly and fulfillment services in a customers distribution center. With RRD's experienced professionals on site, supply chain operations have never been closer or more finely attuned to customer needs. Packaging and fulfillment are precisely timed to improve flexibility and reduce costs. RRD's embedded solution offers first mover advantages of speed, efficiency and cost savings.

Market Challenges

Technology, telecom, mobile accessories and consumer electronic supply chains are becoming more complex and difficult to manage. Frequent changes in packaging design, warehouse capacity limitations and the need to coordinate multiple facilities' activities means that a nimble and responsive supply chain has never been more important.

As retailers and clubstores continue to refine their merchandising strategies, they impose stringent requirements on suppliers. Companies are constantly searching for new and innovative packaging design that can quickly be changed to reflect the latest trends.

The Embedded Model's Operational Benefits

By embedding RRD's supply chain solutions in a customer's facility and without having to significantly redesign the supply chain, a number of the following important benefits may be achieved.

  • Streamline supply chain network nodes, to cut handling, inventory and logistics cost
  • Increase responsiveness to changing market needs
  • Achieve on-time must-arrive-by-dates (MABD)'s
  • Leverage existing logistics network and assets
  • Provide a platform for growth by being more adaptable and flexible to the market.

The Next Generation of Outsourced Solutions

Embedded solutions help to streamline the supply chain by removing non value-add activities, such as the movement of materials between manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. Eliminating these non-productive activities allows RRD to provide innovation that could help to:

  • Lower costs
  • Accelerate speed-to-market
  • Improve responsiveness
  • Facilitate shorter production runs
  • Reduce cycle times with vertically integrated print and packaging design
  • Enhance sustainability
  • Enable more accurate forecasting.