MWC 2018 - Is Your Supply Chain Ready?

MWC 2018 is nearly here. Anticipation is building for this year’s event as many of the world’s leading mobile device and accessories companies prepare new product launches. Innovation in the global smartphone market continues at pace with new features and annual product launches keeping consumers enthralled. With the market soaring to a record $478 billion in value in 2017, the rewards for companies who can grow their market share are very real.

For mobile device companies today, a large part of their revenue growth is fueled by annual phone launches. MWC, with its captivated audience, is the perfect showcase for new device launches and represents one of the most important dates on the mobile calendar.

Launching a new mobile device is no mean feat and requires a high level of cross-functional coordination to successfully maneuver. New features like fingerprint sensors, flexible displays, and dual cameras may excite consumers but they also require an expansion of the supplier base to source these new parts - adding even more complexity to the supply chain. Now more than ever, mobile device companies face a risk of component shortage as they go from prototype to full-scale manufacturing. Factor in the complexity of sales channels, compressed product lifecycles, and the intensified margin pressures supply chain leaders must contend with and the full extent of the mobile device supply chain challenge becomes clear.

Mastering MWC

Successfully launching a product at an event like MWC is the culmination of months, even years of hard work. R&D, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales all have vital roles to play in developing the new product, bringing it to market, and generating sales revenue. If all goes to plan and the new product is well received, events like MWC can create demand and act as a springboard to product success. All this effort however, can quickly be undone if the supply chain can not support the surge in demand.

Momentum gained will be quickly lost as supply chain weaknesses manifest themselves in:

  • Missed deliveries
  • Inventory shortages stemming from misread product demand
  • Delays in time-to-market
  • Problems scaling to meet product demand

The Supply Chain Solution

To succeed in the mobile device market, companies need a supply chain that is both flexible and resilient. This level of supply chain excellence can be achieved by developing strategic partnerships with providers that have the infrastructure to meet the myriad of challenges that coincide with a new device launch.

RRD is the ideal partner for companies in the mobile device and accessories sectors. Our global infrastructure combined with our wide-ranging capabilities means many of the world’s leading phone manufacturers, network carriers and accessory brands rely on RRD to provide them with a competitive edge. Our dedicated service for mobile phone network carriers is founded on a thorough understanding of this fast-moving industry, gained from our collaboration with some of the biggest players in the market. We provide packaging design, sourcing, kitting, flash/configuration and supply chain management capabilities at our ISO9001 and TL 9000 accredited facilities.

Our platform for managing design, branding, sustainability, and new product introduction standards and processes incorporates distinct carrier requirements, specifications and process expectations. We offer comprehensive logistics management services for inbound devices and accessories, as well as outbound distribution for finished goods through carriers, retailers, business to consumer, franchises and direct-to-stalls at shopping malls.

As you approach MWC, it is worth taking the time to examine your company’s supply chain capabilities to ensure it has the flexibility and resilience to meet a potential post-MWC surge in demand.

*RRD Supply Chain and Packaging will be attending MWC in Barcelona from February 26 - March 1. Click here to set up some time with our supply chain experts.*