Environmental - Debrecen, Hungary

Solar Power Generation and Solar Energy Hot Water Production

Eco-friendly solar power panels are installed at the top of the building at the Debrecen facility. Power produced in this way provides a significant amount of additional environmentally friendly energy for operating the plant and supplies the plant with a significant amount of hot water.

Rainwater collection

Increasing water consumption, population growth and climate change can cause increasing water scarcity in developing countries and elsewhere. So saving rainwater is an important step in an environmentally conscious management plan. That is why we collect rainwater at the Debrecen site and use it to rinse the wash basins, reducing the company's drinking water use and our water footprint in the environment.

Low Energy LED Lighting

In 2016, we undertook a full-scale energy audit and a monitoring process was implemented at our company, resulting in the implementation of energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the Debrecen site in 2017.

The biggest advantage of LED lighting is in energy savings, because it does not emit light from the glow of a metal fiber, instead, electrons are released and with much reduced heat loss. Its lifetime can be up to 100,000 hours. LED lighting is flicker-free, so it helps to reduce eye strain. Additional benefits of LED lighting is that light pollution is minimized in that LED lights can be focused more directly on locations where it is needed. Also, LED lighting brightness is adjustable, and brightness levels are achieved immediately when LED lights are first turned on.

Motion-responsive lighting has been in place since the establishment of the site for those areas that are only occasionally used in the premises - eg. washrooms – producing further energy-savings.

Full-time EHS Specialist

Our company employs a full-time specialist to support and promote environmentally sound, healthy and safe work.

Sustainable Forest Management Requirements (FSC®)

The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible management of the planet's forests. FSC sets high standards to ensure that forestry operations are environmentally responsible, economically viable and ecologically viable. Our Debrecen site meets these standards.

The steady decline in the forest's forests is getting worse. The Forest Stewardship Council, with the help of customers purchasing wood-based products, strives for a more responsible and sustainable global forest management.

RR Donnelley Hungary Ltd. has been certified by FSC since 2003 and is subject to regular on-site audits by the Forest Stewardship Council. Certification means that the papers we use come exclusively from suppliers who produce their products under FSC controlled conditions, ensuring that we help manage the sustainability of our planet.