Increasing the efficiency of your entire communications ecosystem.
Enhancing the relevance, impact and effectiveness of every communication.

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& Execution

We can help you increase customer relevance and ROI by selecting and executing an optimal strategy. Our consulting services provide insight-driven strategies that can help you optimize marketing, business communications and supply chain operations throughout the organization.

& Design

Good design is about more than just aesthetics it's about enhancing and engaging the customer experience. Our user-centered design approach marries robust visual design with specific user needs. No matter what the channel, the end result is thoughtful and effective.

& Analytics

Our analytics consulting work drives and validates customer engagement strategies. Recently ranked highest among all customer insights service providers in Analytics and Measurement by Forrester Research, we help clients effectively acquire, engage and retain their most profitable customers.


It's time to be relevant to your customers, right now. We'll help you understand where to start and how to harness the moving parts that are specific to your business. In our experience, we see a common evolution to true engagement. Each client falls uniquely within this continuum, and our consulting approach is tailored accordingly.


With more and more campaigns to manage across channels, we help streamline workflows between your creative and marketing teams without disrupting the creative process. Our integrated solution, powered by Adobe, seamlessly manages all the steps of your entire production process from content creation to delivery.


We help clients be more relevant to their customers through a combination of information, insights and interactions. Our proven 1:1 marketing strategies can help you increase ROI by leveraging best-in-class technologies to seamlessly deliver the optimal message across multiple channels.


Create, manage and deliver impactful customer communications across all channels. Our multi-channel preview proof, and signoff capabilities allow you to optimize every customer interaction wherever it takes place: call center, mobile phone, tablet, SMS, web, email and print.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our program can help you uncover hidden opportunities to improve efficiency and drive cost savings. We help streamline the entire communications supply chain to deliver greater security, governance and control while increasing accuracy, transparency and velocity.

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How We Help

Drive Down

Drive Down Costs — Optimize the Communications Supply Chain

Our comprehensive program can help you achieve cost savings and process improvements for every aspect of your communication supply chain from creative design services and analytics through print & digital production, warehousing, and delivery. We can help you improve speed, flexibility, and responsiveness.


Eliminating silos to create a single view of the customer

Our database services create more than just a collection of data. For organizations needing to integrate and manage a nearly limitless spectrum of data, we offer a proven model that anticipates and accommodates unidentified, contextual, and device data. Our solution facilitates rapid start-up, yet offers the flexibility and customization required to support your unique needs.


Deliver a consistent & effective message across all channels

Bringing all of your content and assets into a central location fuels your personalization strategy. Easily create content for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices from one location all without writing code. There's no need to create pages for every device, as our systems automatically adjust for each experience using the most relevant content.

& Compliance

Ensure Security and Compliance

Leading global brands that operate in highly-regulated industries rely on our global network of security experts, state-of-the-art data centers and meticulous data management approach to store, process, and protect the their most sensitive customer information.


Gaining insights from data

Whether your need is to leverage a wide array of data to more effectively acquire, engage and retain your most profitable customers or analyzing supply chain, logistics and warehousing data to uncover hidden opportunities for savings, our comprehensive program delivers significant results.


Improve ROI on Multi-channel Marketing & CCM Initiatives

Combining proven and effective personalization techniques with advanced analytics and industry leading technologies, all without deploying capital or enduring costly implementations. Our solutions can help you achieve greater ROI for your multi-channel marketing and Customer Communications Management programs.


Access to leading technologies

We've integrated industry leading technologies from Adobe,, Oracle, GMC, OpenText Exstream, and others to provide our clients with access to innovative technologies to accelerate onboarding, and can help you reduce costs and large capital outlay expenses.


Migrate to Digital

Our process helps identify and prioritize the most effective roadmap for migrating to digital delivery, ensuring that your communications are also transformed into effective tools for engaging customers, building loyalty, and can help you drive sales growth.


Streamline Marketing Operations

Streamlining content creation, management and distribution via powerful, automated workflows in a single system to mitigate risk, can help you accelerate time to market and improve your ROI.

Making IT Simple

Blending best-in-class technologies with proven methodologies for optimizing multi-channel marketing and business communications.

Making IT Simple

Our end-to-end integrated communications platform combines industry leading technologies with proven expertise, robust security and governance models, and a dedicated services team to provide the SaaS infrastructure, guidance and operational support necessary to achieve results.

Flexible Configurations

Rely on our end-to-end infrastructure for the hosting and management of your multi-channel marketing and business communications technology requirements.

Complete Control

Our model lets you choose the right balance of marketing, customer communications, data management, analytics and supply chain technologies that best fits your specific objectives.

Speed, Scale, & ROI

With RRD providing the technology infrastructure, you can focus on your customers, launching new initiatives, and growing sales, all while minimizing reliance on IT and avoiding large capital outlays.

Security & Operational Excellence

After implementation and launch, you can rely on our tested governance and security models, robust change management framework, and multi-faceted solution set to support your ongoing business goals.

Marketing Operations


+ read more

Accelerate velocity, ensure a consistent brand message across channels and drive efficiencies with workflow automation, content management and collaborative on-line proofing in a single system.

Multi-Channel Marketing


+ read more

We help clients be more relevant to their customers through a combination of information, insights and interactions. Our proven 1:1 marketing strategies can help you increase ROI by leveraging best-in-class technologies to seamlessly deliver the optimal message across multiple channels.

Customer Communications Management

Customer Communications Management

+ read more

Optimize your CCM workflow, gain complete visibility and control, ensure compliance and leverage legacy data in current state multi-channel communications. Integrated eDelivery, archival and ePresentment capabilities.

Communications Supply Chain

Supply Chain

+ read more

Drive down costs and streamline the supply chain from item creation and sourcing through on-line ordering and customization, kitting, and fulfillment. Gain greater insights with spend analysis, project management, detailed reporting and more.

End-to-End Solutions that
Improve Business Performance

Our Work


  • Realized savings in year one allowed for a 75% increase in full-time staff
  • 98+% project success rate: On-time and on-budget
  • Five year delivery error rate of less than 1%
  • 90% client satisfaction and productivity rates


With more than 1,300 offices in 42 countries, a leading global financial services client turned to us to revamp their internal creative services. The client’s objective included better time and cost efficiencies, streamlined workflows, creative leadership, improved morale and increased team productivity—in short, a perfect partnership to enhance the global prominence of their brand.



Implemented a robust project management workflow integrating RRD’s DAM with client-owned systems + read more

Established a single repository to manage work in progress and archival needs


Restructured to provide roles and skill-sets aligned with business needs

Created a “Transactional Desk” to streamline workflows and focus resources appropriately for short-turn production and longer-term brand strategy projects

Best Practices:

Documented version control and approval routing, reducing unnecessary touchpoints

Transparency on costs through detailed project estimates and metric reporting - read less


  • 146% ROI in the 1st year
  • $3 million revenue gain
  • Customer segmentation strategy leveraged for ongoing initiatives
  • More relevant and impactful messaging
  • Analytics-driven optimization
  • Marketing investments aligned with most valuable prospects and clients


One of the largest banks in the country, with more than 2,000 branches and 2,600 ATMs across 20 states, was tasked with achieving a better ROI on their marketing initiatives while improving segmentation, messaging, and overall impact. They faced several key challenges:

Marketing communications were siloed and coordination was difficult + read more
Content strategies were driven by product needs, and were not focused on individual customer needs
An inability to ensure that the most relevant messages were reaching the right customers
Their most valuable customers were not being treated as such
The focus was on measuring product success, not customer success - read less


Our three-phase approach successfully addressed each challenge:

Develop a framework to identify relationship objectives for every customer segment: + read more
High, medium and low opportunities, driven by affinity and potential
Specific objectives outlined for spend, frequency, channel
Determine the best, most relevant message for each sub-segment of customers
Implement a triggered marketing program to identify and prioritize customers most likely to purchase additional products - read less


  • $1.2 million annual savings
  • 80% reduction in cycle times
  • More than 9 billion documents processed with ZERO errors
  • 100% Compliance Tracking
  • Responsive Design
  • Integrated eDelivery, Archival and ePresentment


A large financial services firm mailing more than 100MM+ pieces across 50 unique package templates was looking to reduce overall costs while making improvements in the following areas of their document composition process.


The client was experiencing 2-3 compliance errors every month as a result of variable data substitutions or programming errors + read more


They relied on multiple departments and external print vendors to manage/update content, business rules, and variable programming. This restricted their ability to shift production quickly or cost effectively, while also hindering their ability to quickly make universal content updates.


The client had complex business rules that enabled them to vary the images, words, sentences and paragraphs by document, but they didn't have visibility/proofing early enough in the process to ensure they had configured the design, data segmentation and business rules appropriately.

Speed to market:

The customer wanted to be able to react to market conditions, make quicker changes, and get updates and new offers into the mail faster. - read less


The client partnered with RRD to integrate file preparation, content editing and variable data programming into a single operation.

The RRD CCM solution automated the variable data programming, enabling the client to proof fully composed/resolved documents at any point in the creative process + read more

Now, the client can review, make changes, and see updated proofs within hours, dramatically slashing cycle times.

RRD also worked with each of the clients various print vendors to determine specific requirements for each production site, enabling the client to generate print-ready files that are optimized for immediate production for each location. - read less


  • $5.1 million savings in year-one
  • 12% savings per year
  • $3 million savings through postage management program
  • 20% cycle time reduction
  • Ensure compliance with MWBE spend targets
  • Met or surpassed all KPI goals for 5 consecutive years
  • Implemented proper tax payment by state on all direct mail, saving 4% per year.


A leading manufacturer in the automotive industry sought to reduce their overall print costs, but lacked the ability to globally track, manage, or view their aggregate spend. Their decentralized procurement model was creating a lack of brand consistency, standardization and compliance. As a result, they weren’t able to leverage their combined spend to drive greater cost savings. Insufficient internal production resources and lack of supporting technologies created a heavy reliance on external agencies for digital asset management, translation services, color corrections, and more.


After conducting a comprehensive Assessment that included interviews with more than 50 stakeholders, we documented significant opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. We then provided a detailed roadmap for the overall solution and helped our client implement a full suite of technologies and services that put them in the driver’s seat for their entire communications supply chain.

Print Management Services:

A dedicated team of experienced resources, both on-site and near-site to provide subject matter expertise and act as a collaborative extension of the customer’s team + read more

Providing consultative input for cost-efficient production strategies, budget planning and analysis, vendor management, and best practices throughout the company

Project management, production scheduling, status tracking, and data analysis

Creative Design Services & Enhanced Technologies:

An on-site creative services team provides creative design services while also unifying the efforts of different external agencies and internal stakeholders with streamlined project management tools, online proofing capabilities and a global asset management platform. All parties are now able to openly communicate and collaborate for the first time.

Logistics Services:

All production, warehousing and fulfillment activities are managed on a single integrated platform, providing access to real-time inventory, usage and other tracking data.

Dedicated Logistics Specialists provide postal analytics for all of the mailed materials. - read less