Take control of all aspects of in-store marketing with the all-in-one In-Store Workflow Solution.

Controlling the visual merchandising process is one of the more complex aspects of retailing. From managing different vendors to maintaining brand integrity…from minimizing material obsolescence to gaining true visibility into spend and ROI...there’s never been an effective way to make sense of all factors involved.

Now, you can replace the complexity with extraordinary efficiency – and gain control over all aspects of in-store marketing – with the In-Store Workflow Solution from RRD.

The In-Store Workflow Solution is a fully integrated, all-in-one in-store marketing solution that brings together:

  • Workflow software to more effectively and efficiently develop, implement and manage in-store communications
  • A single production source for all printed components, from in-store graphics to POP displays to at the shelf
  • A full spectrum of services, from creative/design and prototyping to kitting, fulfillment and logistics

Now, with the In-Store Workflow Solution, you can simplify campaign management. Replace unwieldy, error-prone spreadsheets with an intuitive system to manage workflow. Take advantage of RRD’s print production and sourcing capabilities to serve your varied needs. Create and deliver flawlessly executed materials that meet the precise specifications of all your in-store environments.

Explore the tabs above to discover all the ways the In-Store Workflow Solution gives you the control, cost savings and selling power today's retail environment demands. Or contact us now to learn more about how RRD can help you improve marketing performance with the In-Store Workflow Solution.

Now, you can dramatically change your in-store marketing for the better. The RRD In-Store Workflow Solution delivers tremendous benefits across the entire in-store marketing process.

In-Store Workflow

Increase visibility and control

From campaign/promotion, vendor and rollout management to understanding spend and ROI at both the campaign and on the store level, the In-Store Workflow Solution creates visibility across the in-store marketing continuum. So you can take full control of your in-store marketing processes, costs, and materials.

reduce complexity

Dramatically reduce complexity

The In-Store Workflow Solution takes the time- and labor-intensive tasks associated with managing in-store marketing campaigns and radically simplifies them through a centralized, intuitive and easy-to-use workflow management system. At the same time, the In-Store Workflow Solution lets you centralize management of print production and is supported by a full suite of services to further simplify the entire process.


Ensure far greater accuracy

Jettison the error-prone process of creating, managing and continually updating a multitude of complicated spreadsheets. The In-Store Workflow Solution's centralized database, analytics and reporting give you an accurate picture of current and historical campaign activity and performance.

Drive down costs

Drive down costs, drive up efficiency

Far lower complexity and fewer mistakes mean much less likelihood of wasted materials and reorders. With the In-Store Workflow Solution you’ll know what materials you need, what specifications they need to follow, and precisely when you need them. So you can optimize your spend, be far more efficient with your budgets and drive savings.

Accelerate Time

Accelerate time to market

Put an end to the exhausting retail marketing runaround. By centralizing all of your store profile information and material specs, now you can plan, initiate and rollout campaigns far faster than ever before.

Price Tag

Improve store sales performance

The benefits of the In-Store Workflow Solution all add up to the most important benefit of all: improving your business on the top and bottom lines.


The In-Store Workflow Solution features a technology system that spans the visual merchandising workflow. Now, you can view and dynamically manage all elements of an in-store campaign from one customizable and user-friendly dashboard.

  • Printed Elements and Specifications – Maintain a database of current and historical print components, and leverage it for planning new promotions
  • Store Profiles – Centralize all profile aspects of stores to ensure optimal rollout planning
  • Procurement – Consolidate the sourcing process and manage the procurement of store kit components
  • Centralized Store Rollouts (Pushes) – Manage material pushes/distribution based on centralized store profiles and attributes to optimize promotional distribution
  • Store Orders and Re-Orders – Provide a simple, single solution for stores to order or reorder campaign elements, with a real-time view of RRD managed or controlled inventory, order status, and usage
  • Integrated Reporting, Analytics and Tracking – Gain insight into print and fulfillment spend with comprehensive reporting capabilities that provide complete transparency

Only the In-Store Workflow Solution integrates production of all printed materials across all in-store mediums. This includes pieces flawlessly executed in RRD facilities by our technical production experts, as well as materials sourced to specialty manufacturers.

  • In-Store Graphics – Innovation in digital and litho production for both small and large-format signage, supporting an extensive variety of substrates
  • At-the-Shelf – Price tags and labels, shelfstrips and more, along with the data composition services required
  • Point of Purchase Displays – From free-standing or counter displays, to pallet displays or sidekicks, production capabilities across the POP spectrum
  • Sourced Elements – Complement supply chain processes for fixtures, hardware and other components not produced by RRD

The In-Store Workflow Solution taps into RRD’s extensive retail expertise and wide array of services with complete continuity and integration, and is supported by subject matter experts.

  • Creative and Design – RRD provides a wide range of creative services focused on in-store marketing, such as art direction, concept development, design, copywriting, photography and color services
  • Structural Engineering and Prototyping – Design expertise that takes into account the downstream impacts of manufacturability, kitting, shipping optimization and in-store installation, with a process that incorporates prototyping to ensure alignment with customer needs and expectations
  • Kitting and Fulfillment – RRD can handle regional and national distributions, and provide replenishment orders on demand to meet your needs in the most efficient, cost effective way for both RRD produced and sourced materials
  • Logistics – Fully manage, ship and track all in-store marketing materials
  • Customer Support –All In-Store Workflow Solution services are supported by subject matter specialists with deep in-plant expertise, as well as a dedicated account lead who serves as the single point of contact to manage the entire process on-site and near site
  • Sourcing Services – For efficiency and convenience, RRD can seamlessly manage printed and non-printed materials regardless of whether they are produced by RRD or through vendor partners
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