Additional MarketReady® Formats

Additional MarketReady Formats to Consider

MarketReady formats from RRD are the industry’s leading suite of direct mail solutions delivering unparalleled speed-to-market, production efficiency and highly personalized communications.

The formats shown here have been developed by a team of dedicated format engineers who work with both conventional and inline concepts to develop the most intriguing designs to fit any budget. Browse these formats for ideas that could take your direct mail programs to the next level. We can also work with you to develop custom formats tailored specifically for your needs.

Self-Mailer with Pop-Up

MarketReady Format #CH02 - an eye-catching mailer that will grab attention when opened to reveal a billboard style pop-up with a removeable PIRX card.

Self-Mailer with Pop-Up

MarketReady Format #CH01 – a mailer with a pop-up PIRX card and perfect for invitations, financial service, automotive and travel.

Iron Cross Self-Mailer with PIRX® Card

MarketReady Format #CH06 – a self-mailer with a PIRX card that puts your offer front and center. The expansive design gives you plenty of room to engage your audience.

Self-Mailer Featuring 4 Tear Away Sheets

MarketReady Format #CH64 – a self-mailer featuring 4 tear away sheets — this design works well for retailers and franchises that want to promote specific products and special events.

Flip and Fold Format with Outer Envelope

MarketReady Format #CH83 – a dimensional insert with a flip and fold format to reveal products, features and offers.

Pop-Out Self-Mailer with PIRX® Card

MarketReady Format #CH96 – a pop out design utilizing a perfed PIRX Card that can be used to create one connected visual or show multiple offers.

Gatefold Self-Mailer with Stepped Accordion Panel

MarketReady Format #CH100 – can be sent as a self-mailer or in an envelope. It’s accordion design and gatefold gives you plenty of room for custom images and offers.

Circle Self-Mailer

MarketReady Format #CH105 – a playful design that allows you to get creative with copy and images. It’s well suited for tipping, affixing, inserting and re-imprints.

Self-Mailer with Pop-Up and Pocket

MarketReady Format #CH112 – a self-mailer that folds out to reveal an optional pop up and pocket. This unique design delivers a lot of content in an appealing way.

Self-Mailer with Wheel-Chart

MarketReady Format #CH113 – features a wheel chart with paper grommets. Memorable and interactive, this design can showcase product options, assist decision making and offers personalized guidance. Can be a self-mailer or inserted into an envelope.

Self-Mailer with Reveal Tab and PIRX® Card

MarketReady Format #CH115 – a self-mailer that folds in half and features a security lift and reveal tab that customers can pull down to reveal a special offer PIRX card underneath.

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