Put your data to work by fully utilizing the power of personalization.

Speak directly with individuals.

Think about your own best customer experiences—what made them truly special? If you’re like most people, the experience was less of transaction and more interaction on a personal level. You felt important and understood.

Personalization is power in today’s world, for both brands and consumers. The world has evolved beyond first names on the top of direct mail letters to one-of-a-kind communications that are all about the individual—their preferences, their likes and their behavior.

Your customers expect relevant, meaningful communications.

No provider understands the power of personalization like RRD. We’re experts at creating, personalizing and delivering response-driven direct mail—so you can create a connected experience with any individual at any time.

We’ll help you create the ultimate targeted marketing campaign by leveraging customer data to completely personalize content. These are pieces that spark response by syncing proprietary ProteusJetSM technology to your CRM database, so each customer receives precisely-tailored content and offers engineered to maximize response rates.

We’ll find ways for you to save.

Whether it’s a postcard, self-mailer, coupon booklet, enveloped mailer or catalog, our production platform combines multiple customized printed variations into one mailstream to maximize postal discounts. And you’ll also have complete freedom to test copy, design and offers on the fly to find what works best, engaging customers in relevant, vibrant communications with an efficiency you’ve never experienced before.

Let’s talk—person to person—about the power of personalization for your next direct response campaign. Contact RRD today.

ProteusJet 4-Color Inkjet Capabilities

RRD introduces you to the Multiweb ProteusJet Digital Print Platform, our groundbreaking, integrated digital print system for direct marketers that delivers on the promise of affordable high quality color production at lightning speeds.

ProteusJet Personalization - What You Get

This brief video shows how you can take your direct mail programs to a whole new level of relevant communications with RRD's ProteusJet Multiweb Digital Print Platform. You get ultimate flexibility, cost savings, increased speed to market and one-to-one messaging, resulting in higher openings and response from your targeted direct mail campaigns.

Icon for direct mail retail case study about ProteusJet imaging and how discount optimization increased ROI

Discount Optimization Increases ROI

See how one retailer found that by implementing the optimal discounts as determined by testing, they were able to improve revenues by 68%, or over $1 million dollars!

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Icon for direct mail insurance case study about 2-color ProteusJet variable imaging producing astounding results and lifting response

2-Color Variable Messaging Produces Astounding Results

See how one insurance marketer developed a new letter-sized direct mail concept, incorporating ProteusJet variable 2-color personalization that beat the previous control with an astounding 80% lift in response and saved postage dollars by reducing the number of postal strings.

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