Multi-Channel Communications

For businesses of every size and specialty, data-driven marketing centers on a single principle—engaging customers to build value.

Multiple Channels for One Purpose: Your Success

Today’s most successful communications inform, entertain, educate, inspire and sell. And not just in one channel, but in a sophisticated choreography of print, digital, email, text, video, web, social and more.

This means every business faces the crucial need to synchronize customer communications so that every message works together—from the inbox to the mailbox, from direct mail to mobile, from brochure to brand architecture—and much more.

Connect With Audiences Everywhere — in Every Way

At RRD, we’re creators, printers, innovators and managers who deliver powerful capabilities, tools, technologies and services for direct marketing customer engagement. Combined with the power of data and optimization expertise, we help our customers engage and communicate with their audiences each and every day, in ways they’ve never imagined.

The RRD Marketing Solutions:
Direct Mail Difference

Our account executives are experts in understanding the performance drivers in a client's business that link to direct marketing program design including:

  • Multi-channel delivery of communications:   We can advise on best practices for delivering precisely timed and targeted communications that engage audiences across all channels to achieve outstanding results.
  • Program analysis:  We review past program lists, offers, product positioning and copy platforms to determine positive and negative outcomes. Armed with this knowledge, we work with clients to set objectives, formulate actionable testing strategies and outline program execution.
  • Offer development and positioning:  Our experienced program strategists work with clients to position products or services in front of the right customer segments, developing offers and incentives to promote response. They also give high-level direction to our copywriters and designers to ensure breakthrough executions that drive response.
  • Project Management:  Direct marketing programs are managed by highly-experienced account coordinator teams. Located in our sales offices and manufacturing facilities, these teams know how to anticipate and avoid unseen obstacles on the path to successful execution.
  • Response Analysis and Interpretive Reporting:  Post program, clients share raw results with our account and strategic teams to clarify test results and validate findings. We work to determine what factors to test further and what programs can be further augmented to achieve maximum results. This process begins anew for every direct marketing campaign to continually set the bar higher and improve results.

We’ve assembled a team of analysts, program designers and database marketing professionals to uncover valuable data insights that sharpen audience targeting, strengthen customer bonds and build your bottom line to develop:

  • Targeted offers that work:  Predictive analytics provide better audience understanding, engagement opportunities, content and personal messaging.
  • Tailored preferential communications:  Personalized and unique experiences in tune with audience attributes, behaviors and preferences.
  • Sequenced customer engagements:  Insights and actionable plans to ignite consumer demand with finely articulated executions.
  • Multi-channel message delivery and response:  Achieve top delivery rates, strengthen sending reputation and maintain positive customer engagement.
  • Visual reporting dashboards:  Configurable tracking and analytic tools illustrating and defining customer and market opportunities.
  • Targeted bottom-line results:  Results integration and attribution of communication streams, pinpointing positive customer connections.

RRD sits at the industry forefront in creating, personalizing and delivering response-driven direct mail communications. Our proprietary ProteusJetSM variable print technology is the core engine that helps you execute fully variable and targeted campaigns. Whether you’re mailing a postcard, self-mailer, coupon booklet or an enveloped mailer, customers will receive the most relevant content and offers to maximize response rates and customer loyalty.

Our broad and flexible imaging technologies help you create hyper-targeted direct mail campaigns for true one-to-one experiences, driving customer acquisition to turn everyday customers into lifelong customers. With a focus on savings and impact, we can help you generate:

  • Higher open and response rates
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Reduced start-ups, plate changes, sourcing, trafficking, postage and mail strings

Our automated, data-driven solutions help brands interact with internal and external targets, provide superior customer experiences and respond intelligently to individual interests and preferences. These solutions deliver powerful, relevant, personalized communications through multi-channel programs integrating direct mail, email, and PURL® personal websites—including online interactive experiences.

Here. There. Everywhere. RRD Logistics helps you manage the many complexities of domestic and international distribution systems with knowledgeable postal specialists in each facility to help you:

  • Reduce time spent on managing postage, vendors or other transportation requirements.
  • Uncover deep, actionable insights on the best methods to deliver mail and freight to final destinations.
  • Get answers you need—when you need them—from dedicated account management and customer service teams.