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Marketing Solutions: Direct Mail

Relevance equals response. That’s the cardinal rule of direct marketing—and for more than 150 years, RRD has been perfecting it.

RRD Marketing Solutions: Direct Mail (RRD MS) makes sure that your brand knows, understands and is positioned to capitalize on the wishes, desires and demands of your customers today. Because in this give-it-to-me-now world, consumers don’t just make decisions faster than ever before—they drop brands from consideration without a second thought.

That’s why our direct marketing experts apply decades of knowledge and experience to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. All to seize consumer attention, accelerate response rates and bolster your bottom line.

Data drives relevance

RRD MS Direct Mail has assembled a team of industry leaders who specialize in analyzing customer and prospect data to unlock a wealth of information hidden deep in your database.

Armed with this knowledge, we work with you to tailor and execute a direct response marketing strategy and communications plan to deliver the results you expect—when you expect them.

Extend your capacity and competency

There’s too much at stake today for your direct marketing staff to go it alone—so go with the expertise and customized project management capabilities of RRD Marketing Solutions: Direct Mail.

Relevance Equals Response

Speak directly with individuals. Relevance in today’s world means going well beyond a recipient’s name on a direct mail piece. It means tailoring each communication to speak directly to each individual, targeting them precisely with offers when and where they want to receive them.

This is what drives RRD Marketing Solutions: Direct Mail. We’re an industry leader in creating and implementing data-driven, fully integrated direct mail programs to drive customer engagement—all to strengthen the bond they have with your brand.

We’re here to work with you to create direct marketing campaigns synchronizing every communication—from inbox to mailbox. Our experts can help you:

Tell Your Story icon of three books stacked horizontally Tell Your Story
Put Your Data to Work icon of two machine gears Put Your Data to Work
Deliver Relevant Messages icon of letter emerging from envelope Deliver Relevant Messages
Get It Done icon of sheet of paper with a checklist Get It Done
Achieve Maximum Results icon of graph with arrow pointing upwards Achieve Maximum Results

Our creative teams have extensive expertise in developing campaigns engineered to influence behavior, inspire loyalty and grow your business. With services from art direction to offer development to interactive social media interaction, we’ll help you tell your story and create a connected experience between you and your customer.

Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time…every time. Backed by advanced technology and analytics expertise, we mine the right data to create hyper-targeted communication strategies. Our patented ProteusJetSM imaging technology leverages that data to create highly customized text, graphics and offers. You’ll be able to connect with each consumer in a personal and relevant way, regardless of the size of your audience.

Today’s most successful communications inform, entertain, educate, inspire and sell. And not just in one channel, but in a sophisticated choreography of print, digital, email, text, video, web, social and more.

At RRD, we’re creators, printers, innovators and managers who deliver powerful capabilities, tools, technologies and services for direct marketing customer engagement. Combined with the power of data and optimization expertise, we help our customers engage and communicate with their audiences each and every day, in ways they’ve never imagined.

Our talented team of project managers simplifies even the most complicated projects, helping you meet goals with efficient processes that keep all parties informed every step of the way.

Transform your communications by leveraging customer data to completely personalize content with single color or vibrant 4-color text and imagery. Our ProteusJet inkjet imaging technology can help you:

  • Modify content and images to effectively target different audiences
  • Drive brand loyalty and increase response rates with integrated multi-channel trigger programs
  • Achieve cost savings with a multitude of printed versions in a single mail stream
  • Easily test new copy and offers for continuous improvement of results

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