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Custom RFID Label Solutions that are:

  • High performing
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly

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Solutions that Perform Better.
Customized solutions that drive improved performance for your application.

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Discover how we create custom RFID solutions for our customers.

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Solutions that are environmentally friendly. Learn about our paper-based offerings.

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Put the ROI into Your RFID Tag Solutions

Whether simple or complex, whatever your application or environment, CustomWave RFID Solutions from RR Donnelley offer smart label technology that revolutionizes performance for the deep real-time insights into your business you need to be successful.

Our range of custom RFID tag and label solutions can help maximize the return on your RFID investment in a number of ways. Our solutions offer longer and more reliable RFID reads, thinner final products that fit up to 30% more labels per roll and are more environmentally friendly, and the ability to incorporate RFID technology without compromising the branded communications on your products. We also offer a proprietary Printed Electronics production process that uses fewer materials and steps to build cost-effective smart labels. We also bring together all aspects of a successful RFID implementation. Our team of experts will identify the appropriate EPC Gen 2 RFID chip, design, and test the right inlay in our labs and in your environment, select the most appropriate label materials and converting techniques, and plug in the best hardware and software for your infrastructure needs. All of this ultimately lowers total costs and increases your ROI. Our platform and resources provide you with one go-to resource for smart label technology.

Printed Electronics
Innovative Technology Enables Better Smart RFID & Labels

Leveraging decades of experience developing imaging technologies and proprietary materials, our Printed Electronics platform enables RFID solutions that were previously not practical with traditional RFID manufacturing techniques. We produce truly customized RFID solutions for your exact form factors, read requirements, quantities and budget, we give you the freedom to optimize your RFID labels and tags based on your applications—not on what inlay form factor may currently be available. We’re also able to incorporate any standard RFID chip to give you the memory and performance you need. You're now free from one-size-fits-all smart tags and labels.

RFID Tag Solutions that Cost Less

Solutions that Cost Less

Our proprietary manufacturing process reduces the time and costs of traditional RFID label production. By utilizing our Printed Electronics platform and our proprietary printing techniques to create antennas directly onto paper, we eliminate the need for additional PET substrates, reduce product thickness and lower material costs. The result is more labels per roll, fewer roll changes, more production uptime and increased savings for your business.

RFID Tag Solutions that Perform Better

RFID Tag Solutions that Perform Better

Traditional RFID tags were designed for generic applications. But what about applications that are anything but generic? Our team of experts will partner with you to understand your unique application and develop our CustomWave smart labels to meet your most demanding requirements. From tamper-evident labels and books of labels to baggage tags and more, we transform complex constructions and demanding requirements into a custom RFID tag solution built just for you.

RFID Tag Solutions that are Kind to the Environment

RFID Tag Solutions that are kind to the environment

We constantly strive to reduce our impact on the environment—and that includes our Printed Electronics manufacturing process featuring:

  • Antennas that aren't chemically etched. We use paper-based inlays or no inlays at all, putting antennas and chips directly onto labels eliminating plastic inlay substrates and caustic chemicals.
  • Reduced smart label thickness for more labels per roll, fewer roll cores less use of shipping materials and smaller shipments overall.
  • A single-facility manufacturing process for fewer transport steps, less energy use and lower fuel consumption.
  • Finally, RFID solutions made smart!

Customized RFID Tag Solutions From a Company Trusted Worldwide

RFID Tag Solutions that Perform Better

RR Donnelley is here to support your success for the long haul, just as we have for our customers for over 150 years. CustomWave RFID Solutions build on more than 15 years of experience delivering quality smart label solutions backed by our extensive label platform and capabilities to support a virtually any application imaginable. We have the manufacturing expertise, global footprint, and resources to be your go-to provider for RFID solutions.