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Market Research

Will consumers buy your product? That’s the million-dollar question. Fortunately — and cost-effectively — market research aims to understand all the variables (e.g., target market, competition, market size, environment, etc.) that affect how consumers will react to your product.

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By listening to people’s needs through systematic data collection and analysis, brands are empowered to make better decisions, predict future success and reduce risk.

  • Measure brand image and awareness
  • Track competitors
  • Identify niche markets and industry shifts
  • Uncover channel opportunities
  • Develop segmentation profiles

Our Expertise, Your Competitive Advantage

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    Our research becomes your asset

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    Custom built, never pre-packaged

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    Designed around your budget and time constraints

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    Key findings include detailed actionable solutions

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    Qualitative insights can be integrated with analytics


Highly skilled in all methods of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, we conduct testing where it matters the most, whether it’s in our purpose-built lab or in the field with your customers.

Qualitative Methods
Focus groups, mini-groupsShop-alongs
One-on-one interviewsWeb usability testing
Dyads and triadsEmotional response testing
Ethnographic InterviewsEye tracking/heat mapping
Quantitative Methods
Web surveysIntercept surveys
Phone surveysMail-Fax surveys
Email surveysField & lab experiments