Research and
Customer Experience (CX)

Understanding the Customer Perspective to Drive Positive Change

Best-in-class CX leaders who leverage customer journey maps drive top- and bottom-line value that includes 200% greater employee engagement and 350% more revenue from customer referrals.

— Aberdeen Group

Uncovering the “Why” Behind the Behavior

Dedicated to truly understanding your customers, products and markets, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research to offer a complete picture of the customer perspective. When our discoveries are used to drive change, performance improves immediately.

Customer Research: Bring audiences to life, discover motivators, understand cross-channel performance

Product Research: Understand product usage, uncover perceptions, identify conversion barriers, test new concepts

Market Research: Measure awareness, track competitors, identify niche markets, uncover channel opportunities

Customer experience labcustomer
experience lab

Customer experience lab

Our on-site customer experience lab was built with research in mind, from our focus on technology and functional layout to the extra perks that make observing a study more enjoyable. The space enables our team to provide un-biased, expert results.

  • Customizable rooms for observation, focus groups, produce and usability testing
  • Remote and mobile options available – our wearable technology travels well

With over 2,100 square feet of dedicated customer research space, our lab allows clients to observe customer behavior in a state-of-the-art setting. Take the Virtual Tour or schedule a visit to our facility.


Case Study

Boosting Response Rates with Eye Tracking Tech

Potential customers across five brands and 900+ schools – that was enough to send one of the largest for-profit child care providers in North America our way to test several direct mail offerings. Roughly 3.2 million direct mailings later, our client experienced 30% overall ROI – some segments reaching 185%.

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