Data Integration

Data Integration

We integrate and manage a near limitless spectrum of B2C and B2B data, with a proven model for cross-channel recognition for identified/unidentified, authenticated, contextual and device data.

Keen for customization, our proprietary, industry- specific database development and management solutions are guided by 10 principles:

  1. Ensure transparency between primary data sources
  2. Enforce client-directed overrides of personal data to promote data quality
  3. Support multiple hosting options
  4. Manage different types of data with different types of databases
  5. Automate data quality checks, with business rules specific to each client
  1. Treat all records equally with data hygiene and persistent keys
  2. Embed household level dimensions in all database operations
  3. Anticipate and accommodate testing, analytic and reporting challenges
  4. Maintain specific access rights, enforced at the table and field level
  5. Offer unlimited aggregations and automated model scoring

cross-channel recognition

Our data warehouse model facilitates seamless customer identification, where records are perpetually linked to multiple database dimensions such as location, account, household, email address and more.

Our direct mail, email, and digital channel deliverability rates significantly exceed industry standards.

We leverage a matching algorithm that utilizes standard hygiene tools (e.g., CASS certification, name standardization, NCOA processing, vulgar/nuisance name detection, deceased/unmarketable indicators, etc.) but also considers client-specific parameters and non-traditional data elements, including social media handles, credit card numbers, email addresses, mobile number and other custom business rules.