Data Curation

Data Curation

We work to identify internal, external, and contextual data sources that spark meaningful dialogues. Our agnostic approach to second- and third-party data acquisition ensure that your success is the driving factor in our data provisioning work.

Realize Your Data's Potential

Through flexible processes and an advanced technology environment, overcoming data’s most common challenges are possible.

Data Management Challenges We Address:

  • Siloed Organizations
  • Legacy System Constraints
  • Inter-Department Communications

meaningful data manufacturing

Third-Party DataWith direct access to the largest collection of data in the world, our enhanced, hyper-relevant data set includes traditional demographic data and lifestyle traits, syndicated segmentation schemes, and psychographic indicators.

Contextual DataWe also augment customer information with the following elements to create a micro-market Competitor Index.

Data diagram
  • Weather


  • Competitor Data

    Competitor Data

  • Location


  • Mass Media Impressions

    Mass Media Impressions

  • Search Activity Treads

    Search Activity Treads

  • Economics Indicators

    Economics Indicators

  • Geo-Spatial


  • Housing Stats

    Housing Stats

Effective data utilization is the result of strategically combining disparate data assets in a way that makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts.