Data Management

Integrating Data to Set the Foundation for Personalized Marketing

Companies that don’t put data at the center of their marketing and sales decisions are missing out on a 15-20% increase in marketing ROI.

— Forbes

Organizing for Accessibility, Flexibility and Insights

We build systems that collect and prepare data for marketing activation. Our marketing databases incorporate advanced identity resolution technology, designed to facilitate rapid startup and anticipate high velocity data sources.

Data Curation: Acquiring the right data from internal, external and contextual sources

Data Integration: Strategically combining incongruent data to produce meaningful insights

Data Activation and Access: Seamless integration with martech tools, from analytics to automation to application

Case Study

Improving Loyalty with a Complete View of the Customer

When an international retailer with a network of 4,200 stores came to us with a struggling yet well-established loyalty program, we proposed a solution that ultimately resulted in 317% increase in campaign ROI and a 143% increase in loyalty program membership.

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