Modeling Approach

Our Modeling Approach to Marketing Campaigns

It pays to predict response. Our programs leverage a three-stage approach to paint a complete picture of expected results. By setting expectations prior to launch, campaign investments can be allocated to maximize return.

Stage 1


  • Predict the likelihood of a customer responding to a campaign
  • Target the occurrence of a response, not the value
  • Rank order customers by their propensity to respond

Stage 2


  • Predict the conditional value of a response
  • Target the value of a response
  • Combine with Stage 1 for expected value score

Stage 3

net lift

  • Predict the level of marketing influence
  • Target the presence of a contact
  • Distinguish "swing" customers from "self-selectors”

Our Team...

  • Delivers insights, not data dumps
  • Averages 15+ years of experience with longstanding client-side tenures
  • Supports all major analytic methodologies at the expert-level
  • Deploys an on-shore only
  • Performs in multiple capacities, e.g., technical and consultation


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