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Drive your organization’s data strategy by establishing a baseline and a critical understanding of customer demographics and behaviors. With foundational analytics, our clients benefit from these quick wins:

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    360-degree view of the customer

  • analytics 2

    Highly accessible reporting

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    Opportunity identification

  • analytics 4

    Actionable strategic planning


One-size-fits-all marketing has its limitations. Customer segmentation, on the other hand, allows marketers to differentiate and tailor their marketing efforts to specific audience subsets, endlessly. The result: an optimized allocation of marketing resources — think personalized cross- and up-selling opportunities — that works.

[Customer segmentation] can help companies develop marketing campaigns and pricing strategies to extract maximum value from both high- and low-profit customers.

Bain & Company


Make sense of all your unused data. Predictive analytics leverage current and historical data to exploit patterns — accurately — so marketers can execute powerful contact strategies that lower campaign costs and increase ROI.

Arm Your Brand with Information:

  • Identify new revenue opportunities
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Improve cross-functional marketing collaboration
  • Model out what causes customer turnover
  • Focus on micro-decisions (not macro) to activate personalization


RRD maintains a strategic alliance with Marketing Evolution, which was recognized by Forrester as an industry-leading provider of marketing measurement and optimization solutions. Through this alliance, we’re able to leverage Marketing Evolutions’ advanced decision-making platform to help clients optimize their marketing spend, media mix and message targeting—while campaigns are still active.

Depending on the model — e.g., attribution, share-of-wallet, next-best-action, enhanced social engagement, etc. — real-time optimization enables brands to identify and directly engage with their best customers. By basing all product and content decisions on customer insights, marketers then refine targeting strategies to achieve a boost in performance.

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