Analytics and
Business Intelligence (BI)

Uncovering Meaningful Insights to Deliver Relevant Marketing

Most consumers don't feel understood by brands — only 37% say their favorite retailer understands them.

— Econsultancy

Predicting Customer Behavior with a Pragmatic Approach

Our analytic outcomes help drive engagement strategies. We help clients effectively acquire, engage and retain their most profitable customers, by leveraging data to provide insights and deliver value with every collaboration.

Foundational Analytics: Baseline data, opportunity identification, 360-degree customer view

Customer Segmentation: Leverage multiple data sources to create more impactful targeting

Predictive Analytics: Intelligence that anticipates behavior and improves customer engagement

Performance Analytics: Integration and analysis of performance data to calculate return on marketing spend

Business Intelligence: Ad-hoc and prepackaged automated reports and dashboards

Case Study

Increasing Engagement and Revenue with Email Analytics

With a loosely controlled email stream, this international retailer failed to recognize the detrimental effects of email fatigue in an effort to hit sales-driven forecasts. Our four-step solution led to a strategy makeover that was significant, data-driven and successful.

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