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As ecommerce business continues to grow, so does the need for cost-effective global delivery solutions. Partnering with a provider with proven workflows and an established international network can mean the difference between global success and lost opportunities.

At RRD, we combine the strength and vast resources of a Fortune 500 company with personal attention and flexibility. We deliver global services and support to help companies meet their mailing and shipping objectives. Our worldwide network, technology-backed support model, and extensive knowledge of international shipping requirements, provide you with a seamless delivery of your customers’ mail and parcels.

There is no one size fits all approach to international mail and parcel. RRD tailors solutions to meet the needs and demands of specific geographic markets. Take advantage of our capabilities and mailing expertise to reach new customers and enhance service to your current customers.

What You Get

An experienced mailer, RRD Logistics Solutions has more than 150 years experience helping customers around the world.

We offer a range of mail services to accommodate your budget and transit time requirements. We are accomplished at reliably handling your monthly, weekly, or annual printed matter deliveries.

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What You Get


Learn how our global solutions can increase your efficiency and bottom line while providing better service to your customers.

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International Mail & Parcel Services Overview: Global distribution services to help you streamline your processes and increase customer satisfaction.

International E-Commerce Solutions: Cost-effective, global delivery services that are perfectly suited to E-commerce

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