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Financial Services Institutions

RRD's expertise within highly regulated industries allows us to effectively create innovative workflow solutions that address client requirements while also adhering to strict compliance, governance, security and IT guidelines. Our operational model is highly configurable, offering options for on-site, near shore or international support hubs—ensuring adherence to any geographic requirements.

For commercial banks, investment banks and private equity firms, RRD's experience with an array of critical support functions—from competitive research and financial modeling to creative design and PowerPoint production— ensures we can deliver an operational model that is flexible and efficient, with the potential to deliver significant bottom line benefits to the organization.

Law Firms

Looking for creative ways to convert fixed costs to variable costs, law firms seek new ways to manage workflows and staffing models to manage their operational competitiveness.

Uniquely familiar with the complexity of law firm operations, RRD has created a suite of solutions that align with the particular security, regulatory and cultural requirements of legal practices. Our custom workflows are developed with our clients' practice needs at the center of our solution and so the firm can flex key support functions based on business requirements. By taking responsibility to manage administrative support functions, RRD empowers its law firm customers to focus on their clients.

Consulting Firms

As consulting firms have grown in scope and complexity to handle client engagements, so have their internal operational needs. To successfully deliver on strategic client deliverables, consultants must use their available time for value-add analysis and not on presentation formatting, data cleansing or other secondary tasks that are out of scope for their roles.

RRD offers customized services that allow management consultants to more effectively and efficiently complete client deliverables. Using our proven tools, consulting firms can better accommodate their globally dispersed work teams and exploit a follow-the-sun operational model, enabling teams to have continuous 24/7 support for high-demand, labor intensive functions.


Several macro factors are forcing insurance companies to quickly evaluate new operational support models to better manage risk, big data and financial reserving. RRD's customized insurance solution is comprised of subject-matter experts who perform essential functions for important workflow processes in the life, property and casualty and reinsurance categories.

Acting as an extension of our client's infrastructure, RRD insurance support teams operate 24/7 and accelerate the flow of critical information to key decision makers. Ultimately, this allows underwriter and producer teams to better focus on tasks that have measurable strategic and financial impact to the organization.

Pharmaceutical Firms

The increasing expense of R&D, consumer advertising and global HR management, make the pharmaceutical industry an ideal candidate for the exploration of workflow optimization services. RRD provides a range of customized operational solutions that help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies fulfill the daily needs of its knowledge workers, marketing and sales professionals.

With a track record of handling confidential information and critical communications for the world’s most valued brands, RRD is uniquely qualified to help pharmaceutical firms deliver essential support services to their global and highly segmented teams.


Corporations are under pressure to meet their financial growth targets and manage their bottom line. The RRD team can help our corporate clients implement solutions that change the way they do business, streamline operations and improve knowledge worker productivity.