We closely examine your specific business objectives, communication plans and desired results to determine the best approach and to craft guiding, strategic principles that will drive response. We don’t just look at the brand delivery, we also assess the mechanisms through an in-depth discovery process that is geared to reduce cycle time, save costs and drive operational excellence, all while supporting the highest level of creative for your brand.

Content Creation

Photo, video, digital or print, we see concepts as elegant solutions – a combination of strategy, design and analytics to deliver an experience that stimulates user engagement. We focus on strategic, innovative solutions that tell stories and provide measurable results across all platforms. Our energetic, passionate, talented teams bring interpretation, clarity and architecture that create both emotional and cultural reactions, influencing the world around them and ensuring experiences are rich, impactful and lasting.

Brand Extension

Brand extension can be interpreting key elements into cohesive, detailed guidelines, or it can mean executing within your existing system to adapt materials and further develop your brand story and increase impact. We engage with you and your partners in a very collaborative way. Our approach is also steeped in deep experience with transition, workflow and process tools, all of which are a critical part of extending your brand through all media outlets. Understanding how important local talent is to driving cultural engagement, we recruit worldwide to provide teams that suit your organization and ethos.

Digital Services

Our team is at the intersection of creativity, expertise and strategy, leveraging our expertise to conceptualize, design and develop engaging user experiences across diverse digital channels—from web and mobile to custom, large-scale touch interfaces—pioneering effective ways to inspire and inform today’s hyper-connected, multi-tasking audiences.


Amazing imagery is essential to every story, and we like to help our partners tell their story. They trust us with producing their imagery for print and digital communications. We have the proven track record of mobilizing the right talent and operational resources for that unique story. No matter what the imagery is for—from fashion to room scenes, edibles or location - we can make it happen! With fully equipped studios throughout North America, we are ready to help you with your story.

Locations: Seattle, New York, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Austin, Minneapolis and Dallas.


Video provides endless possibilities, and we know just how to turn those opportunities into engaging executions that can teach, motivate and inspire. We can help you create a winning video strategy, as well as the final product that meets business objectives and builds your brand. Our full-service video production sees your projects from the beginning to the end. Whether it is showcasing the product in full 360°, a talking head delivering company messaging, man-on-the-street interviews or educational how-to videos, we've got you covered.


Our retouch experts are armed with multiple expertise. From beauty and skin, to food and tabletop, we know what it takes to learn the nuances of your brand and depict your product accurately every time.

Our color scientists are dedicated to developing new ideas and converting them into practical applications, like swatch-matching reference databases designed to replace physical swatches.

Art Production

We combine color science and technology to produce the best results. When color accurately represents the product, it captures attention and ensures minimal return rates. We take great pride in our staff who are trained in best practices to ensure accuracy every time.

Implementation & Delivery

We provide unsurpassed service based on our technology, expertise and intellectual capital.

We know no two engagements are alike, and we approach each of our clients with a unique path that allows our clients communicate with their audience—whenever, however and wherever.


We love data and know that it is necessary to make the user an active participant in the experience and determine the right conversation for the right user—whenever, however and wherever. Through analysis and testing we constantly refine and define as a means to form decisions around messaging, usage, best practices and maximum results.

Case Studies


A large financial services company mailing 100MM+ pieces monthly across 50+ unique package templates, was looking at reducing overall costs while making improvements in the following areas:

Quality: The client was experiencing 2-3 compliance issues each month related to variable data substitution or programming errors.

Flexibility: The client sought the ability to quickly change print vendors and not have to worry about the transfer of variable programming knowledge and time/cost to re-program at the new vendor.

Visibility: The client already had complex business rules to vary images, words, sentences and entire paragraphs within the mailed letters, but did not have visibility early enough in the process to ensure they had configured the data segmentation and business rules appropriately.

Speed to market: The client wanted to be able to react to market conditions and get new offers into the mail faster.

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The client decided to partner with RRD’s DSG team to integrate the file preparation and variable data programming.

DSG created a solution that automated the variable data programming, enabling the client to see fully composed/resolved letters at any point in the creative process, using sample data representative of the final data.

The client now has the ability to review, make changes and see updated proofs within hours.

DSG worked with each of the client’s various print vendors to determine specific requirements of each and produce work flow document (WFD) print-ready files with the vendor-specific manufacturing specs included. This allows the client to switch print vendors and have new files into production in hours as opposed to days.


Reduced file preparation time by over 50%

Elimination of all programming errors on 8+ billion pieces

Full visibility of composed proofs during the creative and legal reviews

New print vendor onboarding reduced from 4 weeks to just 2-3 days

Eliminated an internal staff of 35-40 employees that was previously dedicated to file preparation

Flexibility to move work between print vendors efficiently

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Shared Services: Successful Conversion from Client-Owned team to DSG

Major multinational financial services client sought a new on-site creative services team to realize time and cost efficiencies, streamline workflows, provide creative leadership, improve morale, increase team productivity and partner with global marketing to supply global brand administration. DSG supports this client with project management, traffic, creative ideation, art direction, production for both web and print projects.

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Additional responsibilities included the management of a transactional desk, implementation of a digital asset management system and archival maintenance. The team also provided relationship management and oversight with agencies and internal departments, including marketing and multimedia, as well as serving as the main point of contact for all internal clients.


As a result of intensive discovery, a restructure allowed for a reduced footprint on-site.

New workflows, establishment of best practices and implementation of an asset management system led to increased productivity and level of service.


Within 18 months of the restructuring, the client's Creative Services team had been drawn into the culture created by the RRD team. Their trust in the process led to increased partnership.

Productivity on the account averages over 85% throughout the staff. RRD was subsequently awarded an additional divisional contract, adding a staff of 17 designers and project managers to the existing staff of 20.

Jobs are delivered within budget and on time between 98-99% monthly.

Error rate during the five years on the current contract is under 1%.

Client satisfaction survey shows an over 85% satisfaction rate, resulting in a contract renewal in 2012 without request for proposal.

Creative Services clients have fully integrated into the RR Donnelley culture, participating in our team and morale building activities, socializing with staff outside of working hours and championing the studio process.

RRD client since: 2008

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On-Site Services: Successful Conversion from
Client-Owned team to DSG Team

The nation’s largest privately owned department store chain, with more than 300 stores in 16 states in the U.S., was seeking a partner to manage a 35,000-square-foot, in-house photography studio.

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Updated equipment

Added Pipeline project and shot/merchandise management system

Recruited top photographers, stylists and producers to revamp the photography teams

Developed photography guidelines to support the launch of the client's rebranding efforts for both print and e-commerce

Manage the on-site team of 40+ photographers, stylists, producers and support staff to deliver high-quality, cost-effective photography for e-commerce, print and direct mail


The studio, based in a client facility, has successfully assumed all responsibility for on-figure and still life.

Photography includes fashion, location, large-scale room sets and still life from silos to elaborate lighting and propped images.

Each day more than 750 images are delivered to the client with thousands of SKUs shot and processed through the studio.

RRD also provides post-production, retouching, color correction and masking, meeting the time-sensitive delivery required.

The RRD team has evolved to meet client needs for online videos, TV commercials and special projects.

With a state-of-the-art facility and workflow tools, along with a seasoned creative team, we continue to grow, partner and exceed client needs.

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Hybrid Model: Partnership of On-Site and Near-Site Teams Drives Client Goals

The largest home improvement retailer in the United States, operating more than 2,000 stores, required an on-site team at their corporate headquarters to provide innovative solutions and creative services. The goal was to create diverse visuals across a variety of applications in-store, while maintaining rigorous adherence to their established brand.

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We built a team of Account Management, Creative, Operations, Project Management and Production professionals to develop and execute work from creative brief through file release.

Initially residing on-site as a Facilities Management team, the engagement has evolved to include near-site support to fit the changing business needs. Today, the Account and Creative teams reside on-site, and the execution team resides at the studio location in Atlanta.

This approach has allowed the client to enjoy the benefits of the collaboration and partnership from having us work side-by-side with them, and also take advantage of our platform approach to the execution of work. This has provided an opportunity to leverage a more flexible business model for capacity, talent and process management.


The client has experienced elevated brand stewardship across marketing materials produced through a dedicated team that has also had an 80% win rate in competition with the client’s agency community when pitching creative solutions to upcoming marketing events.

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RR Donnelley’s DSG group welcomes you to our creative and photography staces. Lifestyle and model retouching done at DSG studios. High end cosmetic photography produced at DSG studios. Lifestyle and model photography produced at DSG studios. Toys and gift  photography produced at DSG studios. Room scene photography produced at DSG studios. Lifestyle and model photography produced at DSG studios. Apparel photography produced at DSG studios. Lifestyle and model photography produced at DSG studios. High end fashion and lifestyle photography produced at DSG studios in New York, Seattle, Portland and Charlotte. Food photography produced at DSG studios. Watch photography produced by DSG studios. On model and lifestyle photography created, designed and produced by DSG studios Lifestyle photography produced at DSG studios in New York, Seattle, Portland and Charlotte. High end shoes and bag photography shot at DSG studios. Lifestyle and model photography produced at DSG studios. Toys and gift  photography produced at DSG studios. High end jewelry photography produced at DSG studios. Food and edibles photography produced at DSG studios. High end fashion and lifestyle photography produced at DSG studios in New York, Seattle, Portland and Charlotte. Conceptual images designed and produced for clients around the world. It doesn't matter if it’s a room scene or lifestyle with a model. DSG studios produce table-top and laydown product photography for clients around the world. High end cosmetic photography produced at DSG studios. Food and lifestyle photography produced at DSG studios. Shoe photography in Portland Oregon.

Our People

Our people are visual artists, writers, editors, proof readers, project managers, color experts, photographers, videographers, production specialists, operations analysts, account managers, technologists and strategists. We are also moms and dads, aunts and uncles, skaters, pie and biscuit makers, basketball players, knitters, bassoon players, football fans, poets and songwriters.

You will see great benefit in our combined talent and our commitment to create the highest quality work. We aspire to be your best resource. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Custom artwork within our studios Darren one of the many stages of
portrait photography The DSG New York studio entrance area. DSG employee and artist at work. The DSG New York studio conference room and shooting space. The DSG Portland/PDX creative studio. Custom artwork within our studios Darren one of the many stages of
portrait photography The DSG New York studio entrance area. DSG employee and artist at work. The DSG New York studio conference room and shooting space. The DSG Portland/PDX creative studio.

Client Awards

2015 Gold Cylinder Award for Bass Pro Shops Great overall appearance and image quality delivering consistent, high-fidelity color

2014 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Qualitas Award Indirect Sales and Marketing Quality Services Supplier of the Year

2014 Target Chuck Herrig Award for creative partnership and excellence

2014 Fred Meyer Vendor of the Year Award for creative partnership and excellence

2014 John Deere Achieving Excellence Program RRD was selected for the honor in recognition of its dedication to providing communication products and services of outstanding quality, as well as its commitment to continuous improvement. RRD provides prepress services, magazines and catalogs to John Deere operations in the U.S., Australia and EMEA.

2013 Sears Partners in Progress Award for supporting catalog and printing logistics – third consecutive year

2013 Target Bullseye Award for exceeding the client's expectations in terms of quality, service partnership and innovation

Industry Awards

2015 Ranked #47 in the Information 500 list of the most innovative users of Business Technologyfrom Information Week

2014 American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA

2014 American Package Design Awardfrom Graphic Design USA

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