Our reliable and accurate tracking and reporting software technology boosts your efficiency and client satisfaction.


Xcelerator is a powerful, simple-to-use Windows-based software solution designed for the Same-day, Next-day, Distribution, E-Commerce, and Warehousing industries. Accessible from any browser, anywhere and at anytime on tablets, laptops and PC's, Xcelerator is a highly flexible delivery and final mile software.

Key Benefits

  • Increased visibility of time sensitive information
  • Quality online shipping, tracking, and mapping
  • Reduced invoicing time
  • Customizable reports

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MobileTek CORE, designed to work seamlessly with Xcelerator, runs on all major mobile platforms including iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile.

Key Benefits

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Picture Attachment
  • Signature Capture
  • GPS Tracking

*Xcelerator and MobileTek are provided by Key Software Systems.


OmniView is a user interface that mines information from our TMS to make it easier to view performance data. Our TMS is integrated with many vendors across the country that uses a variety of different TMS systems. OV allows us to normalize the data into a single platform. Designed as an enterprise tool, you can get a bird’s eye view of Distribution Centers across the country with current stats, or with just a few clicks drill down to the package ID and signature capture level. This tool also allows us to very quickly determine performance metrics at the vendor, hub, or driver / route level detail.

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