Presdient's Letter


Welcome back for our second edition of RRD Connect, a magazine we launched last fall to share insights and inspiration from today's increasingly complex world of multichannel marketing.

We appreciate all of the feedback on the first issue, which we count on in order to continuously address the topics of most interest to you, the reader. In this winter issue, we focus on multigenerational marketing, examining the sensibilities of various age demographics and how brands can incorporate this knowledge to effectively engage them.

You'll also find articles on the emergence of blockchain in the marketing field, and how some companies are leveraging augmented reality(AR) to transform customer interactions with smart packaging. You can even access packaging-related AR content by scanning the image within the article using the Blippar App to experience an example of how it can work.

In our Expert Q&A, LiftEngine President & Co-Founder Keith Huntoon talks about the surprisingly symbiotic relationship between direct mail and social media. And just as we did in the fall, we offer some insights from the world of commercial print; as well as content specific to healthcare, retail and small business marketers.

I hope you enjoy the magazine, and please keep the feedback coming so we can deliver you more and more value every quarter.

Best regards,

James W. Hill President RRD Commercial & Digital Print Solutions

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