Letter from the President

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first edition of RRD Connect, brought to you by the RRD Commercial & Digital Print Solutions family of companies.

Our goals with this quarterly publication are pretty simple:

  1. To add value to your organization by sharing insights on the ever-changing communications landscape; and
  2. Spark conversations about how you can elevate the impact of your marketing in ways that translate to bottom-line results.

One strategy brands are finding success with today is personalization. It’s hard to argue with the logic. I know I'm more likely to respond to a message that has relevance to my life and offers value that can, even in some small way, help make it easier.

But where some brands get tripped up is the process of developing an actionable plan in pursuit of this concept. That’s what we set out to explore in our feature article: some fundamental steps companies of any size can take to start capitalizing on the opportunities personalization presents.

We’ll also discuss how variable data printing can be an effective (and surprisingly simple) tool to communicate on a more personal level; talk to Kristy Junio of the Oracle Marketing Cloud about the maturation of marketing automation technologies; and offer a few tips to consider relative to your specific industry.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Your feedback will help shape future editions, so please let us know what you think.

Happy reading,

James W. Hill, Group President, RRD Commercial & Digital Print Solutions

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