Data + Variable Print Technology =


What is Variable Data Printing?

A form of digital printing in which elements like text, graphics and images can change from one piece to the next based on specific customer information to create a personalized experience for each recipient.

Why Personalize Print?

Direct mail delivers a response rate that more than doubles the response rate of all digital channels combined; and when personalized with variable data, can generate response rates up to 240 percent higher than traditional static direct mail.1

How Does it Work?


Collect and clean your customer data to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date.


Create a design template with placeholders for variable content elements based on key data points.

First Name Last Name Gender Last Purchase Income Location
Rosemary Smith Female Yoga Pants $120K Atlanta, GA
Dennis Green Male Cubs Hat $75K Chicago, Il


Input data for variable content elements into a spreadsheet.


Send the design file and spreadsheet to your print vendor, ensuring that customer data is submitted in a secure manner.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Vendor for Your Variable Print Job

Do they have an airtight compliance infrastructure to ensure data privacy and security?

Do they have strong programming expertise to enable precise data management, data processing and workflow automation?

Do they have state-of-the-art technology and systems to deliver the highest levels of quality and accuracy in the shortest possible run time?

Do they offer fulfillment services, such as mailing and inventory management, for optimal efficiency?

1. Data & Marketing Association. DMA Response Rate Report (2015)

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