Lenticular Types & Logos

Type, copy, title treatment, logos, etc... all present unique challenges for your lenticular project. Here are the four main things to look out for and keep in mind before designing your project.

  1. Size of the Type. Thicker lenses require larger type, and vice versa. A 14 mil 100 lpi lens can handle finer type than say a 20mil 60lpi. As a rule of thumb, a 100 lpi lens = 7 pt type or larger to be legible.
  2. Font Choice. For best results, use a sans serif font, not too rigid. Remember that the lens will break up your type, causing jagged edges, or lose fine serif points altogether.
  3. Title Treatments & Logos. For movie, publication or book title treatment, company logos or branding messages, we're pretty sure you don't want it to be fuzzy, ghosting or illegible. For 3D Lenticular, whether it be legal or tag lines, logos, or title treatments at or very near the zero point in space (called "key") so that they are as crisp and legible as possible. Occasionally we add bevels, gradients, drop shadows, etc. to type to help diminish ghosting effects or to help stand out a bit more.
  4. Flipping Type. If you are making a lenticular flip from one statement to the other, make sure they are flipping in the same spot and fill the same general area. In addition, lenticular you should not have type flipping from completely on to completely off without special texture and color considerations.