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Our portfolio of products helps to deliver
insights into your business to improve
efficiency and ROI

We transition new technology out of the lab and into our production facilities in ways that help drive value – building the flexible manufacturing capability of our customers.

Our Printed Electronics platform delivers functional and innovative products that help solve your complex business challenges and enable the Internet of Things.

We build functional electronics, like our CustomWave line of high performance and economical printed RFID smart-media. Our CustomSense products include low cost, disposable electronic indicators that provide a visual indication that your products have arrived safe and fresh - or may have been compromised by exposure to adverse temperatures, humidity, impact or other conditions. Our sensor loggers go a step further by adding data capture capabilities, recording thousands of data points - including the time of any incidents - to give you the complete information you need to help address disruptions in your supply chain.

We also leverage our printed circuits to add sensory experiences to your printed words and images, enhancing your communications and marketing messaging with exciting new ways to get your products noticed! From lighted danglers and shelf talkers to powered greeting cards and more, our design and manufacturing capabilities give you new product and marketing options that can drive value for your business.

Data Logging Sensors Solutions
Timers Solutions
Powered Marketing Solutions
CustomWave RFID Solutions

CustomWave RFID Applications

Whatever the application, our products and solutions can fit your
needs and help solve business challenges.

Luggage Tagging
Race Timing
Event Management
Agriculture Tagging
Vehicle Access Control
Jewelry Tagging
Small Containers & Liquids
Logistics Management

Leverage our Printed Electronics solutions, which provide critical business
insights that help drive more effective processes, improved
communications, and differentiated services for our customers.

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