Lakeside Classics

In Print For Over 100 Years, The Lakeside Classic Showcases Cutting Edge Book Production with Topics of American History

Lakeside Classics

A volume of The Lakeside Classics series has been published annually since 1903 as a holiday gift to employees, customers and friends of RR Donnelley. According to company folklore, in 1902, T.E. Donnelley, son of the founder and president of RR Donnelley & Sons Company, received a set of straight-razors as a Christmas gift. Its special appeal was that the blades were a product directly associated with the donor’s cutlery business, not the type of frivolous and gaudy item that was the common business gift at the time. T.E. thought it would be a fine thing if his company could provide something of a similar nature. The project took root and by Christmas, 1903, the first Lakeside Classic, "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin", had been selected, designed, edited, printed, and was ready to ship.

The basic format of the Lakeside Classics has remained the same for more than 100 years, testifying to the sound design of the first volume. Each 25 years the cover material is changed and type style adjusted to keep pace with current developments in fine book making. Production methods are updated as book manufacturing improvements are introduced. Current editions use electronic page composition, digital scanning and state-of-the-art computer-to-plate technologies. The small, pocketbook size format was intended for convenience. The book was bound in a plain dark-green cloth cover. It was stamped in real gold that also adorned the top edge, with the R. R. Donnelley Indianhead logo that had been created by Chicagoan Joseph Leyendecker.

Many of the early volumes consisted of the speeches and writings of noted Americans. With the publication in 1911 of "The Autobiography of Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard", the series took its present character: first-person narratives of American history, usually taken from books long out of print and not easily obtainable. Through the 1980s, the volumes emphasized history on the North American continent, including titles on the Civil War, the American Old West, early exploration and everyday frontier life. During the 1990s, as the company extended its business internationally, the series was expanded to include narratives by Americans with experiences beyond our borders.

While not edited with the historian or serious student in mind, the Classics have benefited from of a line of distinguished historians and university professors and directors of well-known historical societies who have served as editors.

The Lakeside Classics are never sold by the company, but some find their way into the rare book market. A few volumes have become so extremely rare that collectors who own a complete set usually consider themselves most fortunate.

The Lakeside Classics: 1903-2016

Vol Title Year
1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 1903
2. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from Washington to Lincoln 1904
3. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from A. Johnson to T. Roosevelt 1905
4. Fruits of Solitude by William Penn 1906
5. Memorable American Speeches
I. The Colonial Period
6. Memorable American Speeches
II. Democracy and Nationality
7. Memorable American Speeches
III. Slavery
8. Memorable American Speeches
IV. Secession, War, Reconstruction
9. The Autobiography of Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard 1911
10. Reminiscences of Early Chicago 1912
11. Reminiscences of Chicago During the Forties and Fifties 1913
12. Reminiscences of Chicago During the Civil War 1914
13. Reminiscences of Chicago During the Great Fire 1915
14. Life of Black Hawk 1916
15. The Indian Captivity of O. M. Spencer 1917
16. Pictures of Illinois One Hundred Years Ago 1918
17. A Woman's Story of Pioneer Illinois
by Christiana Holmes Tillson
18. The Conquest of the Illinois
by George Rogers Clark
19. Alexander Henry's Travels and Adventures
in the Years 1760-1776
20. John Long's Voyages and Travels in the Years 1768-1788 1922
21. Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon
or Columbia River by Alexander Ross
22. The Fur Hunters of the Far West by Alexander Ross 1924
23. The Southwestern Expedition of Zebulon M. Pike 1925
24. Commerce of the Prairies by Josiah Gregg 1926
25. Death Valley in '49 by William L. Manly 1927
26. Bidwell's Echoes of the Past-
Steele's In Camp and Cabin
27. Kendall's Texan Santa Fe Expedition 1929
28. Pattie's Personal Narrative 1930
29. Alexander Mackenzie's Voyage to the Pacific
Ocean in 1793
30. Wau-Bun, The "Early Day" in the North-West
by Mrs. John H. Kinzie
31. Forty Years a Fur Trader by Charles Larpenteur 1933
32. Narrative of the Adventures of Zenas Leonard 1934
33. Kit Carson's Autobiography 1935
34. A True Picture of Emigration by Rebecca Burlend 1936
35. The Bark Covered House by William Nowlin 1937
36. The Border and the Buffalo by John R. Cook 1938
37. Vanished Arizona by Martha Summerhayes 1939
38. War on the Detroit by Thomas Verchères de
Boucherville and James Foster
39. Army Life in Dakota by De Trobriand 1941
40. The Early Day of Rock Island and Davenport
by J. W. Spencer and J. M. D. Burrows
41. Six Years with the Texas Rangers by James B. Gillett 1943
42. Growing Up with Southern Illinois
by Daniel Harmon Brush
43. A History of Illinois, I, by Gov. Thomas Ford 1945
44. A History of Illinois, II, by Gov. Thomas Ford 1946
45. The Western Country in the 17th Century
by Lamothe Cadillac and Pierre Liette
46. Across the Plains in Forty-nine by Reuben Cole Shaw 1948
47. Pictures of Gold Rush California 1949
48. Absaraka, Home of the Crows
by Mrs. Margaret I. Carrington
49. The Truth about Geronimo by Britton Davis 1951
50. My Life on the Plains by General George A. Custer 1952
51. Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans by General Thomas James 1953
52. A Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America
by Gabriel Franchère
53. War-Path and Bivouac by John F. Finerty 1955
54. Milford's Memoir by Louis Leclerc de Milford 1956
55. Uncle Dick Wootton by Howard Louis Conard 1957
56. The Siege of Detroit in 1763 1958
57. Among the Indians by Henry A. Boller 1959
58. Hardtack and Coffee by John D. Billings 1960
59. Outlines from the Outpost by John Esten Cooke 1961
60. Colorado Volunteers in New Mexico, 1862
by Ovando J. Hollister
61. Private Smith's Journal 1963
62. Two Views of Gettysburg
by Sir. A. J. L. Fremantle and Frank Haskell
63. Dakota War Whoop by Harriet E. Bishop McConkey 1965
64. Honolulu by Laura Fish Judd 1966
65. Three Years in the Klondike by Jeremiah Lynch 1967
66. Two Years' Residence on the English Prairie
of Illinois by John Woods
67. John D. Young and the Colorado Gold Rush 1969
68. My Experiences in the West by John S. Collins 1970
69. Narratives of Colonial America, 1704-1765 1971
70. Pioneers by Noah Harris Letts
and Thomas Allen Banning, 1825-1865
71. Excursion Through America by Nicolaus Mohr 1973
72. A Frenchman in Lincoln's America, Volume I,
by Ernest Duvergier de Hauranne
73. A Frenchman in Lincoln's America, Volume II,
by Ernest Duvergier de Hauranne
74. Narratives of the American Revolution 1976
75. Advocates and Adversaries by Robert R. Rose 1977
76. Hell among the Yearlings by Edmund Randolph 1978
77. A Frontier Doctor by Henry F. Hoyt 1979
78. Mrs. Hill's Journal-Civil War Reminiscences
by Sarah Jane Full Hill
79. Skyward by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd 1981
80. Helldorado by William M. Breakenridge 1982
81. Mark Twain's West 1983
82. Frontier Fighter by George W. Coe 1984
83. Buckskin and Blanket Days by Thomas Henry Tibbles 1985
84. Autobiography of an English Soldier in the
United States Army by George Ballentine
85. Life of Tom Horn 1987
86. Children of Ol' Man River by Billy Bryant 1988
87. Westward Journeys by Jesse A. Applegate
and Lavinia Honeyman Porter
88. Narrative of My Captivity among the Sioux Indians
by Fanny Kelly
89. We Pointed Them North by E. C. "Teddy Blue" Abbott
and Helena Huntington Smith
90. A Texas Ranger by N. A. Jennings 1992
91. From Mexican Days to the Gold Rush
by James W. Marshall and E. Gould Buffum
92. My Life East and West by William S. Hart 1994
93. The Logbook of the Captain's Clerk by John S. Sewell 1995
94. Arctic Explorations by Elisha Kent Kane, M. D., U. S. N. 1996
95. Fighting the Flying Circus by Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker 1997
96. Behind the Scenes: Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House by Elizabeth Keckley 1998
97. Revolutionary Days by Princess Julia Cantacuzene née Grant 1999
98. The Americanization of Edward Bok by Edward W. Bok 2000
99. From the Deep Woods to Civilization by Charles Alexander Eastman 2001
100. Narrative of the Coronado Expedition
Relación de la Jornada de Cíbola (Spanish)
by Pedro de Castañeda
101. The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt 2003
102. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, The African. By Himself 2004
103. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States from W.H. Taft to G.W. Bush 2005
104. Twenty Years Before The Mast by Charles Erskine 2006
105. Narratives of Barbary Captivity by Cathcart Cowdery Ray 2007
106. Jailed for Freedom by Doris Stevens 2008
107. Plymouth Plantation by Bradford Winslow 2009
108. Travels through South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida by William Bartram 2010
109. Narratives of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 2011
110. The Englishwoman in America by Isabella Bird 2012
111. Narrative of the Narváez Expedition by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca 2013
112. And They Thought We Wouldn’t Fight by Floyd Gibbons

The Digital Edition

113. The Race Around the World by Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland

The Digital Edition

114. Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt

The Digital Edition


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