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Human Resources departments face increasing pressures to provide more services with fewer resources. How can RR Donnelley leverage technology to help you streamline your communication processes?

Start at the very beginning
For new employees, the first "corporate touch" is receiving a new hire package, composed of a variety of benefit booklets, tax documents, work rules, emergency information, etc. In today's manufacturing model, decentralized hiring requires the managing of package component inventories in each location, an often time-consuming task. Hiring managers may find themselves without the necessary paperwork or up-to-date materials, causing hiring delays and costly understaffing at critical times.

RR Donnelley has successfully streamlined many customers' new hire processes by developing custom kits that contain all the essential hiring paperwork, combining personalized color and black & white documents (multiple-part forms, single sheets and benefit booklets) into a bound booklet or custom file folder. For one international manufacturer, we leverage the power of our on-demand printing, kitting and logistics platforms to meet the language requirements created by regional differences in time to make that important new hire start date. Challenge RR Donnelley to review your current process and design a total solution to meet your unique hiring system needs.

Continue communicating throughout the year
RR Donnelley also supports other annual HR campaigns such as open enrollment, diversity and inclusion, safety, training, etc. that combine high color posters (including tear pads), wide-format banners, digital-imaged newsletters, brochures and booklets with kitting and fulfillment services to make sure materials get to all your locations on time.

A coal mining company wanted to enhance the professionalism of its employee statements and RR Donnelley helped dig up the solution. To read the story, click here. When the VP of HR realized how much time the company was spending on distributing employee packages, they turned to RR Donnelley for help. Click here to read more.
Open Enrollment doesn't have to be stressful
Benefits Departments have traditionally been responsible for creating the materials used by employees to make selections for the next benefit year. This group often works with various creative, printing, and binding companies to produce the printed materials and, based on the complexity of the process, building the kits and mailing one to each employee. But managing the various vendors is time-consuming and costly. And reliance on internal resources to do the labor-intensive collating, stuffing and shipping is taking staff away from their primary function, thereby contributing to seasonal high stress levels.

RR Donnelley's unique blend of digital and offset printing, CD replication, kit building & fulfillment expertise allows us to work with your Benefits department to create a personal statement for each employee containing all of the applicable benefit plan information. These statements eliminate the need to pre-print, store and inventory multiple versions of benefit information, thereby reducing printing and handling costs. We can also insert the statements deep into the postal stream to ensure the lowest rates possible.

Here is a brief list of some of the HUMAN RESOURCES Solutions provided by RR Donnelley to Industrial Manufacturers:

  • Business Cards
  • Personalized Notepads
  • New Hire Kits
  • Annual Enrollment Materials

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