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Strong analytic tactics that can return outstanding financial results

RRD Connect offers retailers, insurance and financial companies advanced analytic services that include predictive analytics, modeling, scoring, RFM analysis, response analysis, testing, channel preference, break even analysis, CHAID, regression analysis, response model, propensity model, channel optimization, customer value - RRD also provides consumer attitudinal, behavioral, lifestyles and demographics analysis.

Advanced Analytics

The best marketing campaigns are designed around a full picture of your customer. When you understand their motivators, you can act on their response behavior.

RRD offers clients products and services that drive communication strategies and provide insight through the use of data appending and analytics, effective modeling and segmentation tools - transforming data in to action that delivers value across omnichannel communications.

We use predictive analytics, sophisticated modeling and many diverse external data sources to deliver powerful information: shopping and buying habits, attitudinal and behavioral, lifestyles, demographics—all to better target the most productive consumers, their preferred channels, with offers that help ignite response.

RRD Connect analytics distills the myriad customer behaviors in your business into understandable and workable groupings.

Consumer Response

Precisely timed and targeted communications that engage audiences across all channels.

  • Better targeted offers that work
  • Communication tailored to preference
  • Sequenced customer engagements
  • Omnichannel delivery of message and response

Demand Analysis

Turn the myriad of audience desires and behaviors into valuable knowledge that pays dividends.

  • Single out key response indicators and influencers
  • Value determination of customer groups
  • Comprehensive sociodemographic scoring
  • High-propensity response and reactivation models


Use the power of data analytics to predict responsiveness, volume, and thus, profitability.

  • Volume linkages between products and customer groups
  • Product pairings that fill the cart
  • Revenue models that predict degree of profitability

Gaining rapid-fire knowledge of customers is the key to expanding sales. Marketers can cross-sell, upsell, reactivate and prospect new customers when they understand what attracts them to their products and services. The RRD Connect analytics helps marketers turn data into action that delivers value to engaged consumers.

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