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Incredible clarity, targeting and results

RRD Analytic and Data Management services include data strategy, list acquisition, list research, list brokerage, data processing, compiled lists, vertical lists, data standardization, data cleansing, data hygiene, list processing, postal sortation.

Additional Data Management Services

RRD has a superior team of analysts, program designers and database marketing professionals who are able to assist marketers improve their communication program results, through better use of data.

Our professional services, advanced technologies and effective tools continue to expand the marketer’s capability to effectively speak with and listen to the consumer on their terms.

Data Strategy

Our team of consultants will focus on the data-driven information components of a client's direct marketing program. Our mission is to identify, design and commit resources to program objectives through the acquisition, assessment and analysis of key data elements.

Data Acquisition, Research and Brokerage

Our experts are “hands-on”, flexible and knowledgeable in both consumer and business applications.

Lists can be chosen based on geographic, lifestyle, business data information or transactional criteria. We provide both compiled and vertical lists depending upon the marketers need.

Data Processing and Management

The RRD data processing team uses multiple file data standardization, cleansing and hygiene tools.

These tools include address correction and standardization, Mach1, DSF and NCOA, not only to maximize response rates, but also to qualify for the maximum postal discounts.

At any time, RRD is managing thousands of massive data files for direct marketers, retailers, nonprofit organizations, catalogers, book and magazine publishers, banks and insurance companies, trusts and investment companies, medical services and directories. To serve this vast array of data users we have assembled an impeccable platform of computing capability and services.

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