Who We Are.

DSG, a division of RR Donnelley, is an agency that creates smart, innovative, engaging customer experiences that build brand loyalty and drive consumer response. Through the combination of our people, our processes and our technology, we deliver actionable insights and achievable ideas. We bring experience and know-how to drive value and results through implementation, production, ideation and content creation, support and analysis.

We are prepared to meet the challenges of creating and moving content for an opt-in world.

Process, workflow, continuous improvement, asset management, production, transcreation, content development, app creation—sure, we’ve got that. But there's more; we are thinkers, creators, doers, storytellers, innovators and agents of change.

The process of building a deep connection between people and your brand is rooted in the experiences, messaging and conversations you share. We can develop, deliver and analyze those communications on screen or on paper.

And you never have to give up any part of the process; you can travel with us along the journey or just meet us at the destination.

What We Do.


Every brand has a story, and telling that story is an art. We relish the process of getting to know your audience to create compelling, enticing, believable ideas. Through our incredible passion for creative thinking and tactical execution, and our work across disciplines in advertising, design, brand development and management, we create strategic, engaging experiences that magnify the brand, drive preferences and captivate audiences.

Photo & Video

Images, both moving and still, inspire us every day. Our teams are dedicated to capturing the right moments for the right application. We work in nearly every industry from fashion (on-figure and laydowns) to home, electronics, grocery, mechanical and industrial. In fact, DSG is one of the largest suppliers of digital photography in North America, with fully equipped studios in New York, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Charlotte, Austin, Minneapolis and Dallas.

Digital Communications

We can ideate with you, help you extend your campaign on our own, or simply manage, develop and implement your digital strategy. No matter the size, our technical experts bring the know-how and the can-do to every project, identifying efficiencies in execution, quality, creativity and on-brand messaging.


Implementation fundamentally drives the final outcome of an idea into an accessible experience. Our deep background in implementing solutions has made us experts in the intricate expression, construction and translation of every concept. Our global network follows the sun, allowing for around-the-clock availability to complete the process and deliver your message how and when you want.

How We Do It.


DSG and Adobe Systems have a Strategic Partnership that allows us to enable businesses to provide connected creative and strategic communications across multiple platforms and devices. This relationship means we can play many roles from content creators to content curators, managers and implementers. In addition, we craft our supporting technologies in project management and status dashboards to extend boundaries and implement unique solutions that meet your specific needs.


Attention to detail matters; that is why we ask a lot of questions. Guided by our proven discovery process, we study how you work, what you want and what you ultimately need to meet strategic goals. Your responses help us gain an understanding of your business, product or service, as well as the competitive landscape and industry trends. Our expertise in account management, creative and production allows us to build clearly defined workflows with increased transparency and efficient communication.

Our People.

Our people are visual artists, writers, editors, project managers, color experts, photographers, videographers, production specialists, operations analysts, account managers, technologists and strategists. We are also moms and dads, aunts and uncles, skaters, pie and biscuit makers, basketball players, knitters, bassoon players, football fans, poets and songwriters.

You will see great benefit in our combined talent and our commitment to create the highest quality work. We aspire to be your best resource. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Client Awards

2015 Gold Cylinder Award for Bass Pro Shops
Great overall appearance and image quality delivering consistent, high fidelity color

2014 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Qualitas Award
Indirect Sales and Marketing Quality Services Supplier of the Year

2014 Target Chuck Herrig Award
for creative partnership and excellence

2014 Fred Meyer Vendor of the Year Award
for creative partnership and excellence

2014 John Deere Achieving Excellence Program
RR Donnelley was selected for the honor in recognition of its dedication to providing communication products and services of outstanding quality, as well as its commitment to continuous improvement. RR Donnelley provides prepress services, magazines and catalogs to John Deere operations in the U.S., Australia and EMEA.

2013 Sears Partners in Progress Award
for supporting catalog and printing logistics – third consecutive year

2013 Target Bullseye Award
for exceeding the client expectations in terms of quality, service partnership and innovation

Industry Awards

2015 Ranked #47 in the Information 500 list of the most innovative users of Business Technology
from Information Week

2014 American Web Design Award
from Graphic Design USA

2014 American Package Design Award
from Graphic Design USA

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