Healthcare Communications Done Right Four Tips to Help Ensure Compliance Without Compromising Engagement

With more state and federal regulations than many other industries, healthcare communications are complicated. And last year's election could create new challenges. Since many elements of the Affordable Care Act that previously fueled traditional communications—such as acquisition mail—might be hobbled or even destroyed, preparation for potential changes is critical. Now more than ever, healthcare marketers must explore solutions that can help them navigate an evolving system while still engaging with members effectively.

Plan for uncertain times by following these four tips:

1. Find a Vendor You Can Trust

Mitigate compliance risks by working with a vendor that's HITRUST certified. A reputable, experienced communications partner can help your company meet rigorous regulatory requirements and maintain trust with members.

2. Treat Members Like Individuals

The need to be compliant does not override the opportunity to be personal. Thoughtful consideration of the right content, with the right tone, through the most optimal channel can help your messaging stand out in a highly competitive environment.

3. Communicate Effectively to Strengthen Star Ratings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' 2017 Star Ratings uncovered trends indicating it will be critical for payors to continue to invest in their capabilities. For example, contracts with a “4-Star” rating or higher appear to be more likely to survive in the market and experience much stronger enrollment growth than lower-performing competitors.1

4. Choose a Vendor With Multichannel Capabilities

Using multiple vendors for different mediums can be time-consuming and expensive. Maximize efficiency and synchronization by partnering with a communications provider that's able to integrate your marketing mix across any channel.

"As consumers have more choice and increased personal out-of-pocket expenses, they will be more selective with their dollars and look for experiences that are easy, personalized and build an emotional connection. This is no different from what we all experience with companies like Apple, Amazon, USAA and American Express."

Dave Kriesand, Vice President, Consumer Experience Center Banner Health

1. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 2017 Star Ratings (2016)

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