The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags Three Reasons Print Can Help Your Marketing Stand Out From the Crowd

While digital channels have provided new opportunities to reach consumers like never before, they haven't negated the effectiveness of traditional marketing mediums. Print still moves the needle in terms of engagement, and can complement digital campaigns to produce powerful results.

Here's why.

1. Print Breaks Through the Digital Clutter

With all of the digital messaging that bombards consumers these days, print has reemerged as an impactful differentiator. According to the latest benchmarks from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), response rates to direct mail are the highest since 2003.1

“We all know that many brands have moved their spend from traditional to digital media, which has left a marvelous opportunity for brands choosing mail,” said John Mitchison, Head of Preference Services, Compliance and Legal for the UK's DMA.

2. Consumers Prefer Print When Away From Their Computers

As digital fatigue continues to plague consumers—particularly the coveted Millennial demographic— a personalized piece of direct mail can really stand out. In fact, when away from their computer screens, 47 percent of consumers prefer print marketing. That's 10 percent higher than those who prefer email on their phones, radio ads and text messages.2

3. Marketing Needs a Well-Rounded Diet

Digital represented 37 percent of U.S. total media ad spending in 2016, surpassing TV for the first time ever.3 Brands demand return on that spend, and many marketing leaders have been vocal about holding digital more accountable to uphold standard viewability metrics. According to P&G's Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard, “The days of giving digital a pass are over.”

For a well-balanced marketing mix, the Advertising Research Foundation recently recommended an optimal advertising spend of 22 percent spend in digital and the rest in traditional channels.4

"Digital might be the present and future of marketing, but it's no longer new or novel. Ironically, it's tried-and-true print that now holds the power to stand out from the clutter."

Adam Wagner, Chief Strategy Officer, Raindrop Marketing

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