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Simplifying Complexity to
Improve Effectiveness and ROI

Our Global Business Solutions team turns a new lens on your
communications operations and helps you to achieve full potential

Simplifying Complexity to Improve Effectiveness and ROI

The bottom line?
For every $1 companies spend on communications products, they often spend another $6 to manage the process.1

Supporting communications campaigns across print, web, mobile and other channels grows more complex each day. It can also grow incredibly inefficient – yet you may not even know it.

Working together, we can help you identify the current and ideal state of your communications supply chain to reveal hidden opportunities for efficiency. Our experts will integrate teams, technologies and workflows to achieve a streamlined communications supply chain, allowing you to achieve:

Cost Savings
Increased Transparency
Performance Improvements
Greater Flexibility
  • Volume consolidation across brands or departments
  • Freight & postage savings
  • Order automation
  • Waste reduction
  • Better negotiation with current suppliers
  • Analytics for suppliers and price points
  • Measurable performance standards
  • Defined Quality of service metrics
  • Continuous process improvements
  • Refocus resource time to greater value-added activities
  • Stronger brand integrity and compliance
  • Improved time to market
  • Best practices and optimized workflows
  • Scalable process in place
  • Standardized templates allow customization at regional levels
  • Accelerates cohesive multi-channel communications strategy

Improve Communications & Marketing Effectiveness

Whatever your program, medium, message, size or screen, we will give you the tools and processes to connect your brand to your target audiences across multiple communication channels.

  • Collaboration and project management tools
  • Automated cross-channel marketing programs
  • Advanced analytics solutions
  • Client acquisition programs

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Optimize Communication
Supply Chain Operations

With Global Business Solutions, you have industry-leading knowledge and capabilities to create, manage, produce and track communication orders, whether fulfilled from inventory or digital processes.

  • Supply chain management
  • Production optimization
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Cloud-based order access
  • Specification re-engineering
  • Material standardization
  • Control inventory obsolescence

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Optimize Brand
Management Operations

Our data and asset management subject matter experts can help you manage your brand more effectively, creating stronger messaging integrity and facilitating compliance across all marketing programs.

  • Digital asset management
  • Brand standards and guidelines
  • Brand-compliant communication templates
  • Localized programs and campaigns

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1 InfoTrends, 2013
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